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Using Online Banking



    Navigating your online banking

    1. Home. Return to the home screen for an overview of all of your personal savings accounts. It is on this screen that you will also be able to apply for new accounts (see number 7).

    2. FAQs. Take a look at the frequently asked questions back on our main website.

    3. Secure message. Submit a secure message to our Customer Services Team.

    4. Personal details. View your personal details currently held on our record. 

    5. Logout. Securely logout of our online banking system.

    6. Individual accounts. View individual account details, transfer funds and place maturity instructions.

    7. Open a new account. A quick way of opening a new savings account. Some of your details will be prepopulated to save you time. 


    Registering for online banking 

    Existing customer: To register for online banking please give the Customer Services Team a call on 020 3857 3050 and they will be able to issue you with an activation code.

    The activation code will expire 30 days from the date of issue.

    Existing customers will be prompted to register for online banking using a unique activation code. Please enter the URL in the toolbar at the top of your internet browser. 

    New customer: If you’re applying for a savings account online you will be asked to set up an online banking profile as part of the application. 

    If you’re applying for a savings account via post you will need to wait for your deposit confirmation, then call the Customer Services Team on 020 3857 3050 and request an online banking activation code. 

    The above process is the same whether you’re applying for a sole or joint account. 

    Making sure your account is secure

    We take your security extremely seriously, making every effort to safeguard your data and transactions. You can find out more in our fraud and security guide. 

    The following security measures will be put in place to protect your account. You will need to set these up as part of your online banking registration process. 

    Secure password: Create a strong password using a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters. Avoid using personal details within your password or anything that is easy to guess. Do not share your password with anyone else or write it down.

    Your password for our online banking system will need to be made up of 10 characters including at least one letter, one number and one special character. 

    For more information on how to set up a strong password please visit:

    Security questions: As an added layer of security you will be asked to set up three security questions. Please select questions from the drop down menu that you will remember the answers to. Do not share these answers with anyone else or write them down.

    Personal security greeting: To ensure you’re using the genuine Close Brothers online banking system, your personal message will appear every time you login. It should be personal to you and not easy to guess. 

    One-time security code: When you register for our online service or login, we will send a one-time security code via SMS to your mobile phone. It’s an added security measure we use to help make sure only you can sign up or sign in. If you don’t receive your one time security code please call us on 020 3857 3050.

    Logging in to online banking 

    How to login: The login button can be found on the top right corner of our website. You’ll be prompted to enter your customer number, the password you created during the online registration process and a one-time security code. Please make sure you have your mobile phone to hand when logging in. 

    Forgotten password: If you’ve forgotten your password simply click on the forgotten password link at the point of login and follow the process. This process will include answering your security questions. 

    Forgotten customer number: If you applied for your savings account online you will be able to find your customer number within your confirmation email. Your customer number will also be included within your deposit confirmation letter.   

    Forgotten security questions: If you’ve forgotten your security questions you will need to call the Customer Services Team on 020 3857 3050. The team will carry out some additional security checks and if you pass, issue you with a new activation code. 

    Applying for a savings account online 

    You can only apply for and manage personal savings accounts online. For business and pension accounts you will need to follow the postal process (these accounts will not show on your online banking portal).

    Existing customer: If you’re an existing customer please login to your online banking system to apply for a new savings account. 

    New customer: If you’re a new customer please locate the savings account you’re looking to open on our website and click the 'apply now' link. You’ll be taken through a few short steps to complete our simple online application process, which will take around 5 minutes.

    Applying for a joint account: You can apply for a joint account online, providing you have the consent of the second applicant. Once the application has been approved, both account holders can register for the online banking service. 

    Managing your accounts online 

    You can use the online banking system to withdraw or transfer funds from any of your personal savings accounts. 


    Secure messaging 

    You can send secure messages within the online banking portal to our Customer Services Team. The secure messaging service can be used to:

    • Submit a general enquiry
    • Update your contact number
    • Update your email address
    • Update your postal address

    Messaging is available 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding UK bank holidays).

    Anytime you receive a new secure message you will be notified via email.

    You will not be able to revoke, cancel, amend or replace payment instructions through Online Banking.

    Full details of how we collect and use your personal data are set out in our Privacy booklet.

    All other personal detail change requests will need to be carried out over the phone. You can call the Customer Services Team directly on 020 3857 3050.

    Fraud and security 

    We've taken steps to make sure that you and your computer are safe when using the Close Brothers Savings online service:

    • Our website has security certificates (issued by Entrust Inc.) which prove that our site has been confirmed by a trusted, reputable third party, and that all communications are encrypted giving you peace of mind that your information is protected against data theft
    • We use advanced encryption to stop other people seeing or tampering with your online banking information
    • When you use our online banking services, you are protected by secure log-in procedures with extra authentication to prevent fraudulent activity
    • We also use sophisticated firewall technology to protect our computer systems, and your information within them, against fraudulent access from the internet.
    • We regularly audit and inspect our systems and equipment

    There are actions you can take to stay as safe as possible online, such as checking our web address in your browser and for the padlock symbol next to the web address to confirm you’re on the genuine Close Brothers Savings website.

    Top tips for staying safe online

    1. We will never ask you to transfer money or reveal your online password via email or over the phone.

    2. Be suspicious of any attempt to obtain a password or any piece of personal data by email. We will never ask you to tell us your security details, as they are for accessing and using online banking only. You should not provide your security details to anyone, even if that request seems to come from us.

    3. Never reply or click on any links in an email that you were not expecting or may seem suspicious.

    4. We will only ever email you to notify you of an alert on your account, a change to the status of your account, confirmation of application or from time to time to inform you of new products or features that may be of interest, if you have opted i to receive marketing.

    5. Always choose a strong password and use a password manager where possible. You should never share your online banking password or write it down.

    6. Never save your password on a public or shared computer and remember to logout of any website when you are away from the computer. Use ‘incognito mode’ or ‘private browsing” on the browser (you may still be monitored in a public setting).

    7. Keep your devices, software & anti-virus up-to-date so you have the full level of protection available. When you’re alerted to an update for your device or one of your apps, don’t ignore it — install it as soon as possible.

    If you are ever suspicious about any call or communication received, please give us a call on 020 3857 3050. The security of our customers is extremely important to us.

    For more information about staying safe online please visit:

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