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Why choose Close Brothers Savings?

We're part of leading UK merchant banking group Close Brothers Group plc with over 145 years successful trading experience and have been providing dedicated personal savings accounts to UK residents and businesses since 2008.

Highly rated

A highly rated bank with an Aa3 credit rating from Moody's Investors Service (correct as at 25 January 2024) and a BBB+ rating from Fitch Ratings Ltd (correct as at 20 February 2024).

Consistently competitive rates

We are committed to regularly reviewing our savings products to ensure both new and existing customers are receiving fair and competitive pricing.

Personalised service

Our network of Business Development Managers deliver the highest levels of specialist service across a range of industries.

Supporting UK businesses

Our range of savings accounts feature options to suit businesses and institutions of all sizes. Find out more about each product and see what options suits your business.

Our specialist business team

Our specialist team are committed to helping you and your business thrive. We work closely together to build lasting relationships with our clients.