How do I pay funds into my account?

You can fund or top up* your account by electronic transfer, cheque or ISA transfer (if applicable).

All funds must be transferred from your nominated UK bank account (excluding ISA transfers). This is the UK current account in your name(s) linked to your account with Close Brothers Savings. You may ask us to change this at any time up to five calendar days before any repayments are due.

By electronic transfer:

Type of account: Business

Account name: Close Brothers Ltd

Sort Code: 16-51-87

Account no.: Your Close Brothers Savings account number (if known) or 00000000

Reference: Your surname and postcode


Please make sure your funds are available when we process your application as we require both the completed application form and cleared funds to open your account. Funds can be sent in one single payment or by multiple instalments from your nominated UK bank account.


By cheque:

For applications in your sole name, your cheque must be drawn on either a personal UK bank account in your sole name or a joint account (of which you are a party). For applications in joint names, your cheque must be drawn on a UK bank account in your joint names or in either of your sole names.

You will need to supply proof of the source of funds for building society counter cheques. We accept a copy of a building society passbook or statement showing your account number and sort code. It is mandatory that cheques are made payable to:


e.g. for an account in the name of Mr John Smith, the cheque should be made payable to Close Brothers Ltd a/c ‘re: Mr John Smith’


Cheques should be sent to: Close Brothers Savings, 10 Crown Place, London, EC2A 4FT


By ISA transfer:

Complete the ISA transfer request as part of your application. Alternatively, you can complete the ISA Transfer Request Form below and return it to us at: Close Brothers Savings, 10 Crown Place, London, EC2A 4FT

*Please refer to your product terms and conditions to find out if your account is eligible for top ups.

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